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Starving Love...It's The Small Stuff

It is the nuances of a relationship, the small gestures that are so very special; you get glimpses into how the other person thinks, feels, and often learn their needs and desires by taking a moment to listen, to share, to acknowledge.  Love will not tolerate neglect, it feeds and grows off of meaningful input you have to feed love to keep it healthy and strong.  Love will not wait endlessly while you stay busy with the hustle and flow of life. Love will not wait endlessly when seen as secondary to every other part of your life, forgetting to show Love attention and care.  Love knows it worthy of attention and will open its arms to those willing to give it in return.  Love never really leaves it simply stands firm for those willing to receive it.  Love must serve its purpose even if it is not with you.  Love was never meant to be intermittent and placed on hold when we need a dose of it, it is a constant, exploding and giving hope, encouragement, and support when simply given a moment of time. Marriages die because of lack of those special moments, attention; the doors of temptation are left open for the destruction of the relationships' foundation.  It is the foundation that holds a relationship together when the tough times hit.  It, the foundation,  needs be solid to maintain love and the relationship will last a very long time if not forever. Next/Previous

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